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At Enable Workplace Consulting we specialise in providing support to those with workplace needs which include dealing with bullying, harassment and other interpersonal conflict. Our expertise has been developed over the past 30+ years across a range of industries.  The combination of experienced psychologists and industrial consultants provides accessible and practical support for all workplace personnel including those responsible for the wellbeing of their staff.

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We have a wide range of services including Consultancy, Investigations, Worksafe and tailor made services to your workplace.

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We offer a wide range of workplace training programs including Anti-Bullying, Negotiation, Leadership, Conflict Resolution and much more.

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Online Courses

We also offer online training for you and your workplace so you can get the knowledge and skills you need when you and your team are ready.

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Our team will assess, design and implement business support and intervention plans that include working to ensure and maintain positive permanent change.  By working collaboratively with  internal workplace personnel, we enhance capacity building and wellbeing.  This may include facilitated conversations, negotiation,  mediation, specialist training, counselling and advice on cultural change.

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Contact us for further details about solving your ‘people problems’ in effective compassionate and comprehensive ways tailored to your business or join us at one of the many workshop opportunities in crisis intervention, psychological first aid and proactive staff and culture approaches to early intervention in the workplace.

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