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Alexina Baldini



Alexina Baldini is a psychologist with over 30 years experience providing support to organisations and individuals involved in workplace change and adaptation. She has specialist expertise in assisting recovery from workplace trauma, providing psychological services from early intervention through to focused rehabilitation services. She also has a background in human resources and workforce development and training.

Alexina has a Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment and Training, an Advanced Certificate in Supervision, a Bachelor in Behavioural Sciences, a Graduate Diploma in Adolescent and Child Psychology, and a Master of Psychology (Forensic).



Her memberships include the Australian and New Zealand Association of Psychology, Psychiatry and the Law; the Australian Institute of Company Directors; the Australasian Society of Traumatic Stress Studies; and Crisis Intervention and Management Australasia. She is a Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society.

Alexina is an experienced mediator and regularly is involved in consultations that are designed to enhance collaborative relationships and resolve conflict. She specialises in consultancy that can be preventative in nature, minimising future costs, promoting employee engagement and encouraging attributes consistent with employer of choice provisions. Her special interests include workers compensation assessments and supporting individuals in their recovery from trauma. She also specialises in workplace investigations aimed to enhance optimal functioning of individuals, teams and businesses.

Alexina is an internationally accredited trainer in crisis intervention and regularly trains teams in proactive responses to trauma including psychological first aid.

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Nerio Baldini

Senior Consultant/Director

BSc MA (Industrial Relations)

Nerio Baldini has over 40 years experience in Employment and Industrial Relations across a diverse range of industries in the public, private and Not for Profit sectors including health, policing, finance, administration, engineering, accounting, entertainment and welfare. Nerio has worked for, advised and represented government, unions and businesses and other organisations.

Nerio regularly presents at international and Australian conferences in topics of expertise such as workplace bullying and psychosocial hazards. His academic qualifications include a Masters Degree from the University of Melbourne in Industrial Relations and a Bachelor of Science in psychology.

Nerio is a founding member of the Australian Association of Workplace Bullying Professionals. His other memberships include the International Association on Workplace Bullying, Crisis Intervention and Management Australasia, WeTrain Australia and the Australia New Zealand Mental Health Association. Nerio’s skills and expertise are in the fields of Workplace Conflict, Bullying, Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Organisational Change, Cultural Communications, Diversity, Equal Opportunity and Negotiation Skills. His experience is consistently valued by clients, with his expertise including design of policies, procedures and practices and the application of these skills to enhance productivity and provide personnel with tools to operate at optimal levels.

Nerio provides training in all his areas of expertise with a specialisation in bullying prevention and sexual harassment. He has provided training in sexual harassment across a wide range of industries including corporate clients, engineering firms, accounting, advertising and service sectors.
He prides himself on tailoring training sessions to meet the needs of all stakeholders in the workplace, combining both practical understanding and practical strategies. The creation of an effective learning environment enables delegates to apply knowledge and skills immediately in their role. He is an experienced trainer of directors and understands the governance provisions of their role and their need to balance organisational effectiveness with specialist personnel collaboration.

Nerio is an accredited trainer with WeTrain Australia. Nerio is a trained mediator and has both mediated and assisted parties in mediations. His mediation skills are regularly honed through involvement in protracted situations where resolution has been thwarted in the past, with an impressive achievement record in satisfaction from referrers and clients.

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Angeline Wallace


BA, MA (First Class Hons.), MBA, Grad Dip Subst. Abuse, Cert IV Workplace Assessment & Trg, Cert III Fitness - Group Fitness, AAPI, ANZMHA, CIMA

Ange Wallace is a counselling psychologist who specialises in the treatment of trauma, mental health and substance use issues. She has over 25 years' experience providing support to organisations and individuals, where trauma, mental health and substance abuse are a feature of a client’s presentation. Ange works with young people and adults, and their support networks.


Ange has a strengths-based recovery approach to treatment, using trauma-informed care principles to assist clients in a person-centred manner. She uses evidence-based approaches that best suit the needs of the individual, which include trauma-informed Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (T-CBT), trauma Focussed Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (TFACT), Internal family systems (IFS), Neuro-linguistic programming techniques (NLP), Motivational Interviewing (MI), problem-solving approaches, behaviour activation, mindfulness approaches, group interventions, and critical incident stress management.  She is competent in being responsive to the racial, ethnic, cultural and gender needs, of people engaged with the service.

Ange has a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and Education) Master of Arts (Psychology) and Master of Business Administration (MBA), Graduate Diploma of Substance Abuse Studies and Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment & Training.  She is an AHPRA approved Supervisor and a member of the Australian Association for Psychologists Inc (AAPi), Crisis Intervention and Management Australasia and Australia, New Zealand Mental Health Association. She has extensive experience with developing and delivering a range of training and runs Enable’s Crisis Response in the Workplace training.   

Ange has extensive experience in leadership and management, and has experience with organisational change management, workplace relationships, conflict resolution, mediation and disciplinary issues, along with workplace wellness management. Ange has lead teams both small and large and been responsible for recruitment and Human Resource management of such teams, along with major change and cultural shift processes.

Ange has also worked with mandated clients, as well as with the staff who work with them, in both a child protection capacity within the prison systems, and within the community forensic sector.  She also works with staff in the public mental health and alcohol and other drugs sectors, to build capacity in their ability to manage both conditions, in the clients with which they work.

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Sangita Mishra


M.Phil in Psychology

PG Diploma in Clinical and Community Psychology

Sangita is a registered Psychologist with 22 years of experience providing psychological support via individual counselling and group treatment programs.

Sangita completed her Masters, her M.Phil in Psychology and her post PG Diploma in Clinical and Community Psychology from India. She has provided therapy to clients between the age range of 8 to 85 years.

Sangita has worked in India (6 years) and Australia (16 years) across different sectors such as schools, parenting, residential, forensic, and with the general public. Experience working with people from diverse cultural backgrounds and value systems has enhanced Sangita’s understanding and appreciation of her client’s specific challenges.

Sangita believes that a safe, non-judgmental, and supportive environment is the best space for the clients to explore their issues and to allow them to grow. She holds connection as the master key that is best carved through empathy and patience.

Sangita encourages her clients to empower themselves through developing an appreciation of their values and strengths whilst also considering the obstacles that distract them from living their values. Sangita considers it a privilege to be but an instrument in her client’s journey to self-awareness, enhanced self-confidence, and improved well-being.

Sangita appreciates the unique challenges faced by her clients and therefore utilizes an integrative approach in offering treatment that is based on the client’s treatment needs. The integrative approach includes but is not restricted to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Solution Focussed Therapy.

Areas Of Expertise:

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Behavioural issues, Substance use, Addiction, Grief and Loss support, Trauma, Relationship issues, Parenting support and General Well-being.

Theraputic Approaches:

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Brief-interventions, Mindfulness, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy.

Languages spoken: Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati

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Mish Kumar-Jonson

Social Worker

Bachelor of Social Welfare (Human Behaviour)
Masters of Social Policy
Masters of Social Work
Masters of Adult Learning (Ongoing)

Mish is a non-binary person of colour with more than a decade’s experience in supporting community members both internationally and domestically. 


As a social worker, Mish is passionate about social justice and supporting healthcare, and other professionals to improve and maintain physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. They are especially interested in supporting teachers, young people and people experiencing or have experienced family violence, people experiencing substance use issues and families and friends of people using substances.

Mish provides Youth Mental Health First Aid training to people who live, support or work with young people and enjoys providing training across a range of welfare and social work areas such as alcohol and other drugs, intersectionality, and outreach modalities.

Mish’s decade long career has been grounded in 3 degrees across social welfare, social policy, and social work. They have focused on supporting people navigate issues such as alcohol and other drugs, mental health, homelessness, human trafficking, and trauma-related issues. They also strongly believe in working with the family and friends of people experiencing these issues to support them in improving and sustaining their own wellbeing.

Mish uses a range of modalities in their work including EMDR, trauma based body movement, mindfulness, acceptance and commitment therapy, and other CBT therapies in order to provide people with a holistic approach to both verbal and non-verbal therapies.

Outside of work, Mish is on a journey to be a surrogate for an interstate couple, loves almost anything outdoorsy, enjoys fostering dogs and cats, and their favourite weekend activity is curling up for hours with a cup of tea and a good book.

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Vicki Quinton

 Clinical Psychologist

 Master of Clinical Psych, GradDip Adol&ChildPsych, BBSc


Vicki Quinton is a Clinical Psychologist and AHPRA approved Supervisor. She has extensive experience working with children, adolescents, and adults with past experiences of trauma and mental health issues. She has a broad range of experience in working with children and young people involved with youth justice, child protection and education and she has a special interest in working with people with neurodiverse presentations.

Area of Focus

  • Child Psychology
  • Cognitive Impairment
  • Trauma
  • Mental health
  • Forensic psychology Modalities
  • Interpersonal psychotherapy
  • Parent-child therapy Informed by Thera-play and Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP)
  • CBT
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Dr Kayleigh Young


BASc (Hons), DPysch (Clinical)

Kayleigh is a registered Clinical Psychologist and board-accredited supervisor with expertise delivering a range of assessment and therapeutic services across clinical, forensic and organisational contexts.

She has worked across both the public and private sector with youth and adult clients experiencing a range of presenting issues including depression and anxiety, violent and sexual offending, sexual abuse, workplace bullying and harassment, trauma, substance use, family violence, suicide risk, and other mental health issues.


Kayleigh has a particular interest in the impacts of trauma and is experienced in the delivery of a range of critical incident support services. Kayleigh is a skilled trainer and facilitator and has worked extensively in the development and delivery of a range of training programmes.

In addition to providing training to individuals working in client facing roles, Kayleigh consults with organisations to assist them to develop and build internal capacity through the delivery of training in areas such as responding to family violence, understanding mental health in the workplace and implementing in house peer support programmes.

Kayleigh’s experience with children and adolescents and their families includes psychological assessment and therapeutic intervention via private clinics as well as through the Gatehouse Centre at Royal Children’s Hospital, specialising in helping traumatised families who have experienced disruptions due to suspected and actual sexual abuse.

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Dr Shelley Connell

Clinical Psychologist

B Sc BA (Hons) BE (Hons) DPsych (Clinical) MAPS

Dr Shelley Connell is a clinical psychologist whose research project in her Doctor of Psychology (Clinical Psychology) “An investigation of stressful situations in the workplace” investigated workplace bullying and similar situations in the workplace.   Shelley has also completed the Bachelor of Arts with Honours (Psychology), which included a research thesis on risk taking in young adults.  In addition she holds a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours (Electrical Engineering) and a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science).


Over the last sixteen years as an IT Consultant in the corporate sector (Financial institutions and government departments) Shelley has honed her understanding of group dynamics and workplace culture.  Her involvement in all stages of the Software Development Life Cycle in addition to her team leadership, training and facilitation roles have enhanced her tailoring of services to specific group needs.  Shelley’s broad experience in varied roles (forensic, inpatient, outpatient, educational and community settings, youth group leadership, committees and volunteering on the information desk at the Melbourne Magistrates Court) enhances her understanding of different learning and growth needs of individuals in the workplace.

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Lauren McKeogh


Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)
Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)
Master of Clinical Psychology

Lauren has worked with adults in both the public and private sectors, including within a forensic environment.  Lauren’s experience of working within forensic environments has given her a unique perspective in understanding the challenges that arise from working within these environments that have allowed her to tailor her interventions and support of staff to be as applicable as possible.

Throughout her professional experience she has worked with a variety of clients with mental health and wellbeing concerns ranging from stress, anxiety, anger, bullying, sexual assault victim/survivors, workplace stress and bullying, to trauma and vicarious trauma.  Managing these concerns ranges supporting them to build their self-care strategies, promoting resilience, encouraging the use of effective stress management strategies, and coaching in assertive communication and conflict resolution skills.

Lauren has experience in delivering both individual and group interventions and can support groups to identify and resolve conflict that arises between group members.  Lauren seeks to empower individuals within a group to identify their own needs and work collaboratively with all group members to ensure they are meeting their individual needs, as well as the needs of the group.

Having worked with a diverse range of clients, including culturally, religiously, and linguistically diverse, Lauren recognises the importance of taking on a person-centred approach to her work. She strongly believes that each person has their own unique story that requires their own tailored support that is as unique as they are.

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Neoma Lindley


B Psych
Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology

Neoma Lindley is a psychologist with a demonstrated history of working in the forensic and general mental health care industry. Neoma is experienced working with people experiencing acute stress disorder (ASD) or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD. She helps people with substance dependency, and can provide counselling for anger management, as well as anxiety treatment, child and adolescent psychology, depression, eating disorders counselling, grief and loss, and stress management.

Neoma is a professional skilled in direct client intervention including individual and group treatment, Brief Psychodynamic Therapy, Mindfulness, Crisis Intervention, Family Therapy, Professional Mentoring, and Clinical Supervision.


She is also experienced as a clinical supervisor/manager, and as an operations manager for community and prison-based services. Neoma is experienced in counselling people who are responding, or have responded to, to a range of critical incidents including large scale emergencies and critical incidents, as well as workplace bullying and harassment, abuse and conflict between employees.

Neoma’s wealth of skills include: 

  • Anger Management
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Self Esteem
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Mental Health
  • Clinical Supervision
  • Stress Management
  • Counselling Psychology
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Post-Traumatic Stress

Neoma Lindley is experienced in providing psychological support for individuals, families and children leading up to, and following their involvement with the family law system. She has experience in the resolution of family disputes, responding sensitively to the distress families are experiencing through this process. Ms Lindley’s trauma-informed practice is strengths-based and non-adversarial.  She is experienced in supporting children through this process, as well as having worked with and families with multiple and complex issues.

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Gabi Logan


B Psych

Gabi is authentic, curious, and compassionate to connect with young and old clients. She is genuinely interested in shaping the sessions around individual needs, making use of various approaches that best suit the client to achieve their individual goal.

Gabi has extensive clinical experience in helping individuals work through a wide range of mental health and life issues.  Gabi likes to explore her client's strengths and abilities and delve into the events that has shaped the personality. She also works with couples to resolve marital/relationship difficulties. Gabi prioritises empathy, and maintaining a supportive, collaborative environment in which clients feel comfortable and understood.


Gabi uses a range of evidence-based approaches including Psychodynamic therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT), Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Meditation and Mindfulness.

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Gabby Skelsey


Post Grad Counselling & Human Services
Accredited EMDRA Practitioner
Accredited Supervisor ACA/PACFA
Accredited Mental Health Practitioner

Gabby Skelsey has 30+ years experience working as a psychotherapist, specialising in trauma with a long standing commitment to working with diverse communities. Anxiety, depression, grief, and loss complicated with relationships create opportunities of growth. Gabby uses a range of therapeutic approaches, including EMDR according to the needs of her clients and what works for them. She is particularly interested in working with people to help them understand the connections between their needs, wishes and actions and non-actions and the impact of that. She provides individual therapy to individuals and couples in Caulfield and online platforms. Gabby also provides clinical supervision and debriefs to individuals and groups. 



                        Vicarious Trauma

                        Group Facilitation

                        Grief and Loss


                        Sexual intimacy issues


                        Alcohol & Drug use

                        Self-esteem & self-development


                        LGBTIQ issues

                        Anxiety & depression

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Liz Power

Provisional Psychologist


BA, GradDipPsych(Adv)., MProfPsych

Liz has supported clients with a range of presentations including anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, and stress. Many of these clients have experienced concerns related to: family violence, victims of crime, life transitions, work issues, relationship issues and parenting issues.

Liz will work alongside you to assist in developing the tools you need to feel empowered. Liz wants to create an alliance where you can create goals, move towards these, and overcome adversity.

The therapeutic relationship is an important aspect of any psychological journey. Liz aims to build a foundation of trust, where you feel heard, safe, and can grow.


Liz also has interests in sexual health and organisational psychology. This includes sexual disorders and dysfunction; as well as sexual education. From an organisational perspective, Liz enjoys working with clients with workplace issues such as burnout and bullying.

Liz utilises a combined approach, incorporating relevant evidence-based interventions which suit the client and their needs. These include Cognitive Based Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and mindfulness.

Liz is available to provide affordable counselling without Medicare rebates.

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Lauren Pearson


Master of Professional Psychology

Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)

Lauren has practiced for four years in both public and private sectors, and enjoys collaborating with her clients to achieve their goals.

Lauren approaches therapy with curiosity, and promotes a judgement-free space for clients to express themselves freely and explore their thinking and behaviour patterns.

She has performed assessments on children and young people, and provided therapeutic interventions with young and older adults. Her experience includes working supporting clients with relationship difficulties, experiences of trauma or abuse, sexual difficulties, life transitions, improving emotional awareness and management, developing insight into problem behaviours, and mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety.

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Merryn Snare


Merryn Snare has enjoyed a rewarding career as a registered psychologist, registered primary and special education teacher, dance therapist, bereavement and trauma counsellor, executive coach, author, and mother.

Much of Merryn’s work combines deep relaxation combined with a focus on the awareness and impact of thought processing, to help clients manage stress, anxiety, phobias, and trauma. This combined with the simple and do-able tools and strategies she has developed has guided her clients to enhanced wellbeing.

Merryn has also worked within the grief and trauma field and counselled Bali bombing survivors in 2002, and those working to re-open roads after the 2007 Victorian bushfires – many of whom lost friends, family, and property in the fires. She also supported traffic monitoring staff and bridge workers after the Westgate Bridge tragedy in 2009, and has worked with local incidents including workplace accidents, employee illness or death, and business re-structures and redundancies.


In addition to being interviewed on radio about anxiety and arachnophobia, Merryn has been a presenter in arachnophobia workshops held at the Melbourne Zoo, and a presenter at numerous workshops including Anxiety Disorders Association Victoria. She has developed the ‘PEARLS of Resilience’ audio program and has also recorded four additional hypnosis CDs that help listeners sleep better without drugs, manage panic attacks, resolve their fear of flying, and stop smoking.


Merryn is also the international Author of “Annihilate Stress and Anxiety21 Proven Strategies for a Balanced Life”, and has also released “Annihilate Stress and Anxiety - Companion Workbook” and “The Daily DoseA Book of Positivity”, a journal/notebook that transforms negative thinking into positivity.

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Tim Campiciano


Bachelor of Psychological Science
Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advanced


Tim's therapeutic orientation is grounded in person-centred therapy principles: reflective listening, empathy, and acceptance. He aims to create an environment that enables clients to feel safe to discuss their past, current, or future challenges openly. He works with clients to collaboratively set therapeutic goals to ensure session content, discussions, and interventions meet therapeutic objectives.



Tim is passionate about helping people overcome their mental health difficulties and challenges. He helps clients build upon their existing skills and strengths while teaching new strategies and techniques to effectively self-manage complex thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Tim works collaboratively with clients to identify and overcome the obstacles that may hinder their ability to fulfil their potential and devises strategies to place them on a path of self-actualisation. 

Tim utilises the bio-psycho-social model that considers the mind and body intertwined. The model stipulates that a person's biological, psychological, and social states can positively or negatively impact their psychological health and emotional well-being. He examines this complex interaction to better understand client’s mental health difficulties or psychological disorders, as well as to inform the most effective evidence-based interventions.

Experiences and Interests

Tim has gained extensive experience working within several different industries and in a wide variety of settings. He has experience working with individuals across the entire lifespan (children, adolescents, adults, and older adults) with a diverse range of mental health difficulties and psychological disorders. 

He is particularly passionate about identifying the origins of a person's mental health difficulties. He utilises evidence-based interventions to reduce symptom severity and build resilience to stressors whilst promoting positive behaviour change to enhance quality of life.


Tim utilises a diverse range of evidenced-based modalities and therapeutic interventions to promote or enhance psychological health and emotional well-being. Therapeutic modalities include cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), Solution-focused Brief therapy (SFBT), motivational interviewing (MI), and mindfulness.

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Benjamin Croot


BA Pscyh, BA Social Science

Ben is a counsellor who specialises in working with children who have experienced difficulties during their early years.  This includes supporting those with learning difficulties, development disorders, NDIS clients, victims of crime, and those with school refusal issues.

He also has expertise in assisting adolescents and their families through situations such as anxiety presentations, mood disorders and depression related feeling and reactions.  These include identity related struggles and strategies to build resilience for future well-being.

Ben’s qualifications include a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science (Psychology) from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (Honours) from Cairnmillar Institute.  He also has a certification in Youth Mental Health First Aid from MHFA Australia, training in Suicide Intervention from ASIST and, Assisting Individuals in Crisis and Group Crisis Intervention from ICISF.

Ben brings his prior training in biotechnology to his knowledge of psychology and utilised a variety of behaviour-based therapies to assist children and adolescents and their families in developing and improving their learning and coping skills.  He brings his warm and friendly non-judgmental approach to his engagement with young clients and they find him relaxed and easy to talk to.

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Leonete Louw

Workplace Consultant

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Human Resources Development
Bachelor of Arts Certificate IV Training and Assessment Certificate in Trauma Counselling
Diploma of Community Services (currently studying)

Leonete’s experience covers a range of organisations, including working as a management consultant, being on staff in small and medium companies as well as working in very large corporate organisations.  Settings have included the banking industry, the electricity supply industry, coaching organisations, pastoral care, and not for profit companies.

The Rand Afrikaans University in South Africa (now University of Johannesburg) sponsored the creation of a Trauma Counselling Centre (Crisis intervention for victims of violent crimes), and Leonete served on the steering committee with the university, chaired the volunteer committee and served as a trauma counsellor at the centre in the late 1990s.

 Leonete's interests are wide and varied, reflected in the range of experience she has gained across several disciplines, levels, organisation types and countries.  This includes experience in consulting to organisations, working with multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary teams or individuals in the areas of coaching, training, accelerated development, facilitation, industrial relations, and leadership development.

Leonete is passionate about people and has a deep desire to help them thrive and survive, creating a psychologically safe environment to heal.  She considers her life’s work is to show love and compassion to the people she works with, whether that be as a coach, guide, advocate, or workplace consultant.  She thrives in helping people discover the joy of diversity and the strength that it brings to teams and units, as well as assisting in promoting mentally healthy workplaces. 

Leonete’s experience includes phone (Careline) and crisis counselling, multi-cultural diversity training (including doing needs analyses & designing & facilitating training), extensive experience in multi-cultural situations (i.e., race, gender, LGBTIQ+, culture, religion, and other areas), organisational Change management (from needs analyses to designing & implementing interventions) and leadership development training.  She has extensive experience in coaching and pastoral care, as a life celebrant (weddings and funerals) and in the provision of the Prepare/Enrich marriage couples coaching, all requiring high level written and oral interpersonal communication and time management and organisational skills.  Leonete is also trained in educational kinesiology, crisis intervention and critical incident stress management (ICISF and CIMA) and Miltonian counselling techniques.

Her participation in South Africa’s corporate Truth & Reconciliation Commission interventions for staff (for a very large organisation) and her design & facilitation of Equal Opportunity training for upskilling a range of staff from blue collar workers to office staff (winning a National Award), relate directly to her role at Enable.

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Amrit Kaur


BPsychS (Hons) MProfPsych

Amrit is a Psychologist with experience working with a wide range of social, behavioural, and psychological issues. Her formal qualifications include a Bachelor in Psychological Studies (Honours) and a Master of Professional Psychology. She may incorporate techniques from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Phenomenological Enquiry.

Amrit has experience with individuals in contact with the justice system and has provided psychological support for victims of crime. She has also facilitated support groups and provided crisis telephone counselling.


Amrit has experience working with individuals with culturally and socially diverse backgrounds, who have experienced trauma, anxiety, mood related concerns and neurodiverse presentations. She has a special interest in working with children as young as 3, adolescents, older people, and families.

Amrit provides crisis response, psychological assessment and intervention, coaching, professional liaison, and research. She incorporates a person-centered approach in which she collaboratively works with clients to promote choice and autonomy in the therapeutic process.

Amrit consults one day a month at Enable Suites. 

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Joel Pinches


BPSYSC (Hons), MPysch (Clinical)

Joel has experience working with individuals across the lifespan and in multiple settings, ranging from family violence and trauma counselling in an agency, to pain management and rehabilitation in a hospital setting.

In the past Joel has also had experience in co-facilitation of groups, ranging from educational workshops to parenting programs for fathers.

He has worked alongside teachers and parents in providing assessments and recommendations for children, as well as working with children in treatment settings using narrative and play therapy.


 Joel enjoys working with people of all ages and abilities and seeks to provide psychological services with a unique and personalised focus.

Working with individuals and their support networks, Joel is passionate about collaborating with the individual to identify their strengths and find a way forwards that fits with their values. In this collaboration, Joel’s focus remains on empowering people to find strength within themselves and strategies to benefit them in their current situations and into the future.

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Shanthani Erlich

Clinical Social Worker

BSW MSW (Forensic Studies) Dip Social Science (Justice) MAASW

Shanthani is a social worker who has had over 18 years

of experience primarily working with young people within the mental health field.  Over the last ten years she has worked as a clinician in the sexual assault and trauma area.  She has also specialised in the drug and alcohol field and youth justice area and worked overseas with destitute children in the community development context.

Shanthani has a special interest in working with young people and their families.  She has experience in addressing a wide range of issues including trauma, mental health issues, drug and alcohol abuse, protective behaviours, depression, grief and loss issues, parenting and family support.  


She utilises an extensive range of techniques and strategies to address these issues including emotional regulation and relaxation techniques, cognitive behavioural therapy, trauma based therapy and solution focused techniques.

Shanthani has a client centered focus and endeavours to involve family and support people where appropriate, within the client’s life to assist a better and more effective outcome.  Her counselling works holistically with the client and those supporting them and she considers this of paramount importance in the healing process.

Shanthani holds a Bachelor of Social Work, Master of Social Work (Forensic Studies) and a Diploma of Social Sciences (Justice).  She is an accredited mental health social worker and a member of the Australian Association of Social Workers.

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Hoa Pham


BA Pscyh, BA Social Science

Hoa is a counselling psychologist with a Masters degree in Applied Psychology.

She has worked for over ten years in the tertiary education setting with an interest in women’s issues. She draws on cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance commitment therapy and schema therapy techniques when working with clients.

Hoa works with adults with a wide range of presenting issues including stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship difficulties, and grief and loss.

She is passionate about providing a safe space for clients to explore their situations and investigate ways for change. 


Hoa utilises a range of evidence-based psychological treatments including but not limited to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Schema Therapy, mindfulness, and interpersonal and solution-focussed approaches.

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Karen Williams

Social Worker

Diploma of Family Therapy & Systems Theory
Mental Health Nurse

Karen has a background in mental health nursing, family therapy and social work, with more than 35 years' experience of working and engaging with people across all life stages, in mental health, disability services and community service settings. Karen has been involved with international, national and rural organisations as they implement and refine policies and workplace practices, to promote the best possible services for the clients, families, carers and staff.


Karen utilises a practical and hands on approach to person-centred supports and service delivery. This has evolved due to experience in a variety of work settings, including direct care nursing, community settings and ongoing training including, Clinical Supervision, debriefing, and peer support. As a social worker and family therapist Karen has developed the skills of applying an academic theoretical framework to service development, focusing on person-centred, solution-focus interventions and support.

Karen has been privileged to be part of many innovative and creative work settings with practices that have required flexibility and the need to transfer and consolidate her skills of positive communication, collaboration, creativity and a sense of fun.  Karen strives to engage and communicate with families, carers and staff-at all levels of the organisation. Karen enjoys working to enhance collaborative respectful team functioning, to achieve desired outcomes that enhance the quality of life for all.

Karen has the necessary skills, experience and knowledge of developing positive client focused plans. Karen works in a holistic and systemic way to get to know and understand the person. This encompasses their challenges/ triumph's, all which may impact on their mental wellbeing and enjoyment in life.


  • Masters of Social Work, Latrobe University
  • Bachelor of Social Work, Latrobe University
  • Diploma of Family Therapy & Systems Theory, with Systems Coordinators
  • Training in Mental Health Nursing (Larandel Psychiatric Hospital Melbourne)

Further Training Accreditation and Memberships.

  • Accredited Mental Health Social Worker AMHSW Member Australian Association Social work as clinician supervisor.
  • Clinical Member/ supervisor with Association of Family Therapy AAFT
  • Registered NDIS Provider Therapeutic Supports.
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Denise Clair


Denise Clair is a mental health and trauma counsellor living and working in Melbourne, Australia. Denise’s work is very community centred, and she draws on her extensive experience and passion for learning in her chosen field. Her current work is as a counsellor and critical incident responder includes the following roles: 

Mental Health and Trauma Counsellor, Bereavement Counselling and Intervention, Alcohol and Other Drug Support Counselling, Crisis Intervention and Management Australia Trained Member, Facilitator of CISM Training, Employee Assistance (EAP) Debriefer and Defuser, Trained and Experienced in Court Required Parental Support.

 Denise has also completed studies in Early Childhood Education, Australian and Indigenous Studies, Women's Studies. She attended the Victoria University, Melbourne, collaboratively attending The University of Texas at El Paso (Texas USA) for a Study Abroad Exchange Program. 

Denise’s work in aged-care spans 30 years and continued for another 3+ years, in Victoria Australia when Denise worked in Community Health Care. 

Denise’s International Critical Incident Stress Management Foundation (ICISMF, Inc) Training began in 1992 with Jeffrey Mitchell and George Everly.‚ÄĮFrom that time, Denise was a member of the OHIO ICISF, Inc Team, as a representative of The Ohio State Highway Patrol, where she was employed for 10 years. Denise was then employed in the State of Ohio, Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections for 5 years. 

Denise was a member of and Vice President for North West Melbourne Business and Professional Women for 3 years, organising and scheduling monthly meeting speakers. 

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David Hyatt


Master of Criminology (Forensic Psychology)
Graduate Diploma of Adolescent and Child Psychology
Bachelor of Social Science
Diploma of Teaching

David has an extensive history of working with neurodiverse people, initially in rural schools as Headteacher then in a technical secondary setting with those not yet literate.  His background as a school Psychologist prepared him for work on a current teaching project based on his experiences as a Psychologist with U3A, presenting almost 40 ninety minute sessions pre COVID using models, drawings and interviews to convey ‘to ordinary people in ordinary language’ concepts such as internal and external locus of control, the difference between reacting and responding, and other ways of managing thinking with an emphasis on choices, key concepts when supporting those who have experienced workplace conflict and distress.


David is a Member of Australian Psychological Society and a Member of the William Glasser Institute of Australia. His past roles with the Victorian Ambulance Counselling Unit and membership of the Victorian and Western Victorian Chapters of the Australasian Society of Traumatic Stress Studies demonstrate his extensive practical skills in supporting those who have experienced workplace traumas, particularly those from the helping professions. David continues to work with the veteran community in trauma support and in delivering services in rural Victoria as a counselling psychologist. In addition to his training and experience, his upbringing in a blue-collar working-class housing commission environment helps him quickly build safety and alliance withing his professional relationships, assisting in giving trusted advice and support.

David is based in Ballarat. 

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Mouyla Ramesh Kumar

Clinical Psychologist

MSc MPhil (Clin Psych) MAPS

Moulya Ramesh Kumar is a psychologist with a specific interest in working with children, adolescents and adults. Her work encompasses working with a wide range of difficulties including anxiety, depression, trauma, obsessive-compulsive disorders and developmental disorders in children.

Moulya’s formal qualifications include a Master of Science and a Master of Philosophy in Clinical psychology. She is currently further honing her skills through Intensive short term Psychodynamic therapy (ISTDP) study.


She strongly believes that an empathetic stance, genuineness and collaborative approach can have a profound effect in inducing change in client’s lives.  Her approach in supporting clients not only addresses presenting issues but also caters to treating the individual as a whole, exploring past experiences and early attachment history that allows deeper healing.

Having worked in a culturally diverse setting, Moulya’s interventions are tailored to suit client’s needs and are informed by a broad framework ranging from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Interpersonal Therapy (ITP), supportive psychotherapy, integrated mindfulness techniques to dynamically informed (ISTDP) therapies.  She is also trained in crisis response, and able to apply her knowledge of trauma and critical incidents to support individuals and groups within workplaces.

Moulya can customise assessments and interventions to suit the needs of linguistically and culturally diverse clients having an Indian heritage with services provided including assessments of personality, cognitive, neuropsychological and social functioning. 

Moulya consults via Telehealth or on a Thursday at our Enable suites for those wanting in person sessions.

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Michael Plowright

Senior Workplace Consultant

Diploma of Work Health and Safety
Certificate IV Training and Assessment        
Diploma of Business, Frontline Management
Bachelor of Applied Science Urban Planning

Michael provides specialist consultancy services supporting organisations to prevent and manage workplace bullying and harassment through creating psychologically safe workplaces. The Workplace Bullying Support Program utilises a case management approach to work with employees who have been, or perceive they have been, targeted with workplace bullying and harassment. This approach places the target at the centre of the process to gain their perception of what has occurred, working with them and their employer to develop a plan to help them manage and prevent the continuation of the challenging behaviour. This can include helping the individual develop strategies to empower them to take a level of control and ownership, understand and clarify organisational expectations, and develop a plan that can support them to manage their health and wellbeing.

Michael runs workshops and training to up skill employees at all levels to prevent and manage workplace bullying.  Michael provides workplace education on a range of topics on conflict, workplace bullying and harassment and its subsequent prevention including intervention strategies targeting both individual and organisational levels including:

> effective communication skills

> conflict management skills

> building workplace psychological safety

> leadership skills

> workplace culture development and improvement

> workplace systems development and improvement

In addition, Michael provides one to one coaching for individuals who are perceived as being abrasive or bullying to develop alternative management styles and behavioural approaches, case management and non-clinical support for individuals targeted with bullying and harassing behaviour, helping them navigate, and develop skills and strategies to manage workplace bullying.

Prior to setting up his consultancy in 2016, Michael had over five years experience as a Client Services Manager with Care Connect Melbourne.  His responsibilities included assisting those with a disability to access Individual Support Packages, Flexible Support Packages, Linkages, Aged Care Home Care Packages, Mental Health support including liaison with Partners in Recovery and Multiple and Complex Needs Initiative (MACNI) personnel.

Michael’s workplace consultancy is complemented by over 20 years experience as a Manager, Program Manager, Referral Service Coordinator and researcher working with Wombat Housing and Support Services, HomeGround and Info Xchange.  His work included ensuring the delivery of high quality person centred assessment, planning, referral and review services, building, leading and managing teams providing support to the target groups.

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Charlene Pereira


Charlene has a background in project management including the design and development of a centralised intake and assessment model for family mediation centres and the development and implementation of a supervision model for a mentoring program within schools.  She is a tertiary educator within the social sciences, with a master in counselling and professional memberships including the Society of Counselling and Psychotherapy Educators Australia (SCAPE).


Charlene is a facilitator of the collaborative family problem solving model and has work experience that includes senior program and policy advisor roles within restorative justice, including the implementation of the Children’s Koori Court.  

Her management roles have required her to consult, negotiate and liaise with key stakeholders across government, non-government and private businesses to ensure performance accountability, service data collection and quality assurance for client outcomes.

She lectures in supervision, coaching and mentoring and brings her knowledge and expertise to her Enable role to foster a collaborative and comprehensive approach to change within client organisations.

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Simon D'Aquino


B Psych (Hons) BE (Hons) B Sc

Simon is a counsellor who has worked in the corporate engineering and manufacturing industries.  Simon is currently completing a Master of Clinical Psychology and has completed a Bachelor of Psychological Science with Honours, a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours (Chemical Engineering), a Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), a certificate IV in business management, and crisis intervention training.  

Simon has five years of experience working in a process group setting which enabled him to hone his understanding of group dynamics. Simon also has over 10 years of experience running his own business teaching adults where he has developed his capacity to build strong rapport and lasting professional relationships with his clients. As a counsellor, Simon uses relational therapy techniques to help clients grow and achieve their personal goals.

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Peter Kueffer ESM


BA Dip Ed Grad Dip Counselling MAPS MACE MTIRA

Peter is a psychologist specialising in crisis intervention and trauma.

In his former role as Clinical Director of the Victorian State Emergency Service for 17 years Peter was responsible for the psychological health and safety of some 5500 volunteers which provided psychological services in training, assessment, counselling and referrals.  He also had had responsibility for the Peer Support and Chaplaincy programs.



In earlier roles he consulted to organisations in areas including outplacement and career transition.

Peter is accredited with the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation as a trainer in CISM Group Crisis Interventions, Advanced Group Crisis Interventions and Assisting Individuals in Crisis.  He has been providing training programs in these subject areas since 2001 including peer support.

Peter specialist area is that of Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) interventions to multiple clients experiencing PTSD/PTS symptoms with universally positive results.  Having spent 20 years as a volunteer firefighter with the Country Fire Authority in Victoria, Peter is in the unique position of being able to approach Trauma and Resilience in emergency services from a user’s as well as a practitioner’s perspective.

Peter is accredited as a Workcover and TAC provider, along with specialist expertise in the stress, trauma, coping, adaptation and loss areas and is able to provide supervision support.

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Alison Briggs-Miller

Social Worker

BA (Social) Cert 4 (Disability Support Work)

Alison is a social worker with experience in homelessness, family violence and gender equality. She has worked directly with clients experiencing family violence and homelessness. She has supported them to find safety and security, helping them to work towards the life that they want.

Alison has worked in Family Services, developing projects and reports regarding the relationship between Family Services and Child Protection. This involved listening to staff, looking for common patterns and supporting both individuals, teams and agencies to improve support provided and enhance worker wellbeing.

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Isaac Newstead

Social Worker

Isaac Newstead has a Bachelor of Social Work with several years’ experience working in hospital, aged care and family and children’s services.

He can provide detailed clinical assessment and interventions. He supports the individual to develop skills for the complex social and emotional impacts of trauma. Isaac advocates for his client by working closely with other agencies such as schools and the workplace to ensure they keep the individual in mind when focusing on supports and interventions.    

Isaac has experience working with dual systems such as children and adolescents in the ‚Äėout of home care system,‚Äô alongside their biological family needs. Trauma informed assessment and care of children is a specialty.

Isaac has a focus on connection through fun and creative techniques that support growth.  He uses a dynamic and flexible psycho-educative approach and always keeps the client’s choice as the centre of his work.e of presenting issues including stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship difficulties, and grief and loss.

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Carole Payton 

Social Worker 

Carole Payton is an accredited Mental Health Social worker with over 20 years of experience in the mental health field. Her area of interest is youth mental health but Carole has worked with people from across all ages and stages of life.  

Carole works in a holistic manner when working with clients and uses a client-centred approach. She has worked with people with a range of presentations including trauma, drug and alcohol issues, anxiety and depression, grief and loss and PTSD, to name a few.   

Carole utilises a range of modalities in her work including mindfulness, acceptance commitment therapy and trauma focussed work. 

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Karen Mace


Karen is a Psychologist and a Registered Counsellor with a background of 20 years experience working in Psychology, Counselling and Adult Education fields. This allows her to help clients transform their lives, overcome obstacles to help them reach their potential and fulfil their dreams.


Karen has worked in corporate business and owned 3 different businesses over her life. She has trained in Decluttering Coaching and brings all this expertise to her current business.

As a Psychologist and Registered Counsellor, Karen Mace can help clients lead a more balanced life, juggling all the pieces of their work, life and health to be more sustainable and more productive. She works with people from diagnosis (or pre-diagnosis) through all stages of the journey to help you live more sustainably for them. She work together with clients to assess their time and energy levels, make a realistic plan for them, set small achievable steps whilst adjusting their schedules to best fit their needs and changing their beliefs. She helps clients to overcome obstacles to allow them to have the business and the life of which they dream.


A referral is not required for any of our services, you are welcome to receive support via private arrangements that may be reimbursed from your health fund provider.

A referral from a General Practitioner, Psychiatrist or Pediatrician may entitle you to access rebates through a range of funding schemes.  All referrals need to be addressed to Enable Workplace Consulting or to the specific practitioner that you would like to see.

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